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Contact: Tom Brennan, Associate Director

Industry: International Construction and Property Consultancy

Location: Offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Users: 80

International construction and property consultancy Thomas & Adamson saw the Coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to overhaul their business practices and improve the working environment for staff.


Network ROI helped support Thomas & Adamson in moving into new offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Their new offices reimagine the future workplace and are purpose built to better meet employees’ needs in a post-pandemic hybrid world. The new offices remain located in city centre locations but now provide an enhanced working environment with flexible spaces along with standardised workstations that employees can quickly login to start their days. The business modernisation project centred around “people, premises and systems” with employee well-being at the heart of the project.

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Key Challenges

The new offices needed to support new, flexible ways of working with hybrid working becoming the norm because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The new offices needed to be more flexible, thereby accommodating more collaboration spaces. Optimisation of space with new seating areas to work and hot desking were a key priority.

Business continuity was paramount to enable staff to both work from home or to be up and running quickly in the new offices.

Throughout the project Network ROI needed to ensure that there was no loss of access to any of the IT systems Thomas and Adamson use.

There were tight deadlines to be met to vacate the existing Edinburgh and Glasgow offices by the 31st of January 2021 and to have the new offices set up by the end of April 2021.

To facilitate network and internet connectivity for the new Glasgow office, a short-term copper wire lease needed to be implemented before a permanent high speed fibre optic solution could be installed.

The office space needed to look appealing with IT infrastructure equipment concealed and secure as well maintaining neat cable management throughout, but without compromising on access.

Communication during the project was vital to ensure any obstacles could be overcome and that the project remained on track.

Key Highlights

Flexible office space has empowered employees to adopt their own way of working. Some employees prefer to sit at desks with others utilising breakout areas to aid creativity.

The transition from old offices to new offices was seamless. On day one of the new office opening everything worked as before when employees booted up their computers.

Network ROI helped Thomas & Adamson plan the office move through site surveys and evaluating IT equipment required.This included looking at online meeting and conferencing, assessing connectivity requirements and putting in place aproject timetable. Effective communication throughout theproject was key and weekly planning meetings ensured thetimeline remained on track.

Network ROI helped us to bring our ideas to life that bring us real business benefits through smarter working.

Tom Brennan,

Associate Director


Being an innovative company helps Thomas and Adamson stay ahead of the curve and their competition. Staff retention is vital to their success and Thomas and Adamson are always looking at new ways to keep staff happy.

Employee productivity has been improved as employees can quickly login and obtain high-speed access to the network within seconds.

A flexible working policy was introduced with employees required to be in the office for a minimum of two days per week or coming in for client meetings. Thomas and Adamson’s carbon footprint has been greatly reduced.


For example, paper consumption has been reduced by 95%. The implementation of flexible working combined with the previously implemented document management system has successfully encouraged employees to adopt paperless working practices.

In the Edinburgh office, the number of printers has been reduced from twelve to one. As well as delivering environmental benefits, this has reduced operational overheads.

Special Projects

Network ROI helped Thomas and Adamson procure 69 new laptops, taking advantage of a Scottish government grant to reduce the outlay by 50%. This enhanced productivity by replacing ageing equipment and increasing IT performance for employees. With Network ROI’s assistance, Thomas and Adamson achieved Cyber Essentials certification, improving resilience against cyber threats whilst demonstrating the business’ commitment to cyber security in tender processes.

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