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Our range of cyber security services include Microsoft® 365™ Monitoring . The Harmony Shield Threat Detection Platform continually monitors your network endpoints.

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Harmony Shield Managed Security can be set up up in minutes with a free one month trial to monitor your Microsoft 365 accounts.

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Cyber Security Services

We provide advanced cyber security services to safeguard your organisation against the latest threats and vulnerabilities. Our multi-layered approach, expert advice and monitoring tools help safeguard and protect your business.


We provide effective email security solutions to protect your organisation against email threats. Our layered protection detects and blocks threats before and after they reach your inbox with defence-in-depth protection against malicious attachments and malicious links.


Our endpoint security solutions protect your devices and servers with industry leading vendors both within the corporate network and when your users are working remotely without the need for a VPN.  Protect against threats the latest threats delivered via email and infected websites and block access before the user can access malicious content.


With industry-leading, multi-platform, MDM solutions, your mobile devices can meet your polciies and compliance standards while protecting against loss or theft.


Complete Web Security allows you to protect your users from malicious and undesirable content, on and off the corporate network, ensuring that web-based threats are stopped in their tracks.


An essential element to any remotely accessible service, our customised MFA solutions make it easy to implement robust protection with minimal user impact.


Our on premises or virtual cloud firewall solutions will help give you visibility, control and protection of the traffic flowing through your network. Our team of specialists can configure and manage perimeter security solution that meets your needs.


We offer a fully automated, online backup and disaster recovery service. We give you the peace of mind that, in the event of data loss, your data is fully backed up and data can be restored quickly.


We help our clients to prepare and certify for Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus, IASME Governance and ISO 27001 standards. These certifications help to improve your cyber security posture and demonstrate a commitment to the protection of your client data.

Free Harmony Shield Guide Our Managed Security Service can monitor your Microsoft 365 Accounts.
Harmony Shield Guide
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Did you know?

We can create an out of hours patching schedule for your organisation, giving you peace of mind and ensuring you don't have to use your team to complete the work overnight.
Password Checker

Check your password. The National Cyber Security Centre is now recommending that the minimum password length should be 12 characters. The trick is to find something that is both memorable to you, but difficult for a machine to guess.

Add 12 characters or more, lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers and symbols to make the password really strong - try not to use common words like 'password' or your date of birth!

We don't store passwords

Free Download our Password Guide The document will provide you details on our onboarding and request for service processes
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Why choose Network ROI?

Proactive Network Monitoring Our round the clock monitoring operates 24/7 giving you peace of mind that you are protected at all times. The best defence is constant defence.
SBRC Cyber Essentials Trusted Partner Network ROI are proud to be an SBRC Police Scotland Trusted Partner. This means we can advise companies on achieving the Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus Standard.
Qualified Team of Experts Our in-house security team hold numerous cyber security certifications, both industry standard and vendor specific. Our decades of experience in information security enables us to provide expert advice to our clients on risk management and cyber security.
Cloud and Mobile Protection We stay up to date with the shifting cyber security landscape. The rapid shift to flexible hybrid working may have left your network more open to attack. Our risk assessments can help you uncover security vulnerabilities, and we can advise you on developing a robust remote working policy.
We speak your language Our straight-talking professionals always try to give helpful honest advice. We appreciate that in cyber security there is a lot of jargon, making it hard for our clients to understand. So, we will explain our solutions in simple terms and how they might impact your organisation.
Security Audit Our cyber security team can identify areas of your infrastructure that could be exposed to security risks and offer remediation recommendations to enhance your security strategy.

Cyber Security Framework


Cyber Essentials - Guide to the 2022 Update

Cyber Essentials is overhauling its technical controls in response to the evolving cyber security challenges that organisations now face. The speed of digital transformation and the adoption of cloud services are driving factors, as well as the move to home and hybrid working, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which is now routine for many people. Learn more about these important changes in our upcoming Webinar.

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Managing Access to Company Data on Employee Devices

When Covid-19 first hit organisations had to react quickly and the demands to “just make it work” led many to adopt Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) as a short-term measure. But as remote and hybrid working are here to stay then we need to reassess the technical controls and policies around BYOD. In this Webinar Network ROI Chief Information Officer, Neil Douglas, will provide advice on some of the simple steps you can take to reduce the risks in your organisation.

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