Your MSP should be a Partner: Independent Employee-Owned MSPs Offer Unique Benefits

18th January 2024 | By Alana McGraddie

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The Managed Service Provider (MSP) landscape has experienced a significant number of acquisitions in recent years. As larger organisations absorb smaller MSPs, the dynamics of the industry are shifting. However, amidst the consolidation, there is a growing appreciation for independent and employee-owned MSPs, focusing on the unique advantages on offer.

The core advantages of independent employee-owned MSPs unique benefits include: 

Employee Empowerment and Engagement:

One of the primary benefits of an independent and employee-owned MSP, is the sense of empowerment and engagement among its workforces. In such organisations, employees have a direct stake in the success of the business. This ownership mentality often translates into a more dedicated and motivated team, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation.

Stability and Continuity:

Independent MSPs maintain stability and continuity in their operations. Unlike acquired MSPs that may face restructuring or changes in leadership following acquisition, employee-owned MSPs are able to preserve their core values, business strategies, and most importantly the customer relationships. This stability is crucial for both clients and employees, as it ensures a seamless transition and consistent service delivery.

Partnership Approach:

Independent MSPs are free from the influence of external parent companies and maintain a sharper focus on their clients' needs. This approach is essential for providing high-quality service, fit for purpose solutions, and building long-term partnerships. In contrast, acquired MSPs may find themselves entangled in the priorities and strategies driven by their new parent companies, potentially compromising the quality of service for their clients.

Flexibility and Agility:

Employee-owned MSPs exhibit greater flexibility and agility in adapting to industry changes. With decision-making authority distributed among employees who are deeply invested in the company's success, these MSPs can swiftly respond to market trends, emerging technologies, and evolving client requirements. This agility is a distinct advantage over larger, centrally managed organisations.

Personalised Service - Not Just a Number:

The combination of being an independent, employee-owned MSP is the ability to focus on personalised service. With a vested interest in client satisfaction and retention, these MSPs are positioned to tailor their services to meet the specific needs and goals of each client - strengthening the client relationships. In contrast, larger, consolidated MSPs may struggle to maintain this level of personalised focus as they navigate the complexities of integration and corporate directives. The ability to treat clients as valued partners rather than numerical entries on a balance sheet is a hallmark of independent and employee-owned MSPs, enhancing the overall quality of the service provided.

Whilst the trend of acquisitions in the MSP sector continues, the value of independent and employee-owned MSPs cannot be overstated. These organisations offer a unique blend of stability, client focus, flexibility, and innovation that sets them apart in a competitive market. As businesses evaluate their options for managed services, considering the advantages of partnering with an independent and employee-owned MSP can lead to a more fruitful and enduring collaboration.

Choose Network ROI:

Network ROI are an established, UK-wide Employee-Owned Managed Services Provider, with 20+ years’ experience working with a large and varied selection of clients, easily able to support a multitude of technologies and services - catering for all businesses whether that is requiring a full managed service or being an extension of your "in-house" team.


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