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Network ROI enters MSP501 list of top global MSPs

Network ROI enters MSP501 list of top global MSPs

Network ROI is delighted to announce our inclusion in the prestigious MSP501 list for 2018.  MSP501 ranks the top MSPs from around the World. Network ROI debuted at number 280 in the global standings, positioning us as one of the top 20 MSPs in the UK and the number 1 MSP in Scotland!

MSP501 2018 Winners badge


Now in its 11th year, MSP501 recognises the best and brightest Managed Services Providers. At Network ROI, we work to continually improve our service levels, helping our valued clients thrive.

Network ROI Managing Director, Adam Johnson said “I am incredibly proud of the effort the team put in every single day when they come to work. Everyone at Network ROI is encouraged to develop their skills and take ownership of their career and being part of such an exclusive club proves the effort is worthwhile.

We aim to use this incredible achievement as a springboard to further success, growth and innovation. We aren’t competing with other MSPs; we are competing with ourselves to deliver a sterling service to a growing list of clients.”

Network ROI approaches a new milestone as we reach our first anniversary as a wholly employee-owned business. Winning industry awards and recognition is an essential part of generating buzz around the company and maintaining the feel-good factor, we are always aiming to achieve bigger and better things.

The Ownership Dividend

The Ownership Dividend

Network ROI is proud to be one of more than 100 employee-owned (EO) businesses and advisors who contributed to the Ownership Effect inquiry – the results of which are published today (June 27th, 2018). There is a significant and valuable Ownership Dividend to be gained from more employee ownership in the UK economy.

The Ownership Dividend can deliver a more inclusive and productive economy in three ways:

Improving UK productivity – EO businesses are unlocking higher levels of performance and productivity powered by the increased personal endeavour and discretional efforts of employees acting with greater common purpose once they become employee-owners.

Resilient regional economies – EO provides a viable succession planning option for business owners looking to retire or sell. Selling the company to existing employees protects jobs and provides more opportunities within the local community.

PwC commissioned a ‘Family Business Survey’ which found that two-thirds of all SMEs – 3.4 million businesses – currently don’t have a succession plan in place. The survey also found that only 13% of the £519bn family business sector had a robust documented and communicated succession plan in place.

More engaged employees – via more inclusive, transparent and effective models of corporate governance and employee engagement which better involve, motivate, and financially reward individuals through their ownership stake and other incentives.

Deb Oxley, CEO of the Employee Ownership Association, said:
The ownership dividend benefits individual employees through the delivery of better work and greater financial opportunities and together, employees’ extra discretional effort as owners impacts positively on corporate performance. The ownership dividend also helps businesses to maintain an independent and sustainable model of ownership, and subsequently roots jobs and investment locally and more resiliently.

Employee engagement is historically low in the UK, a crucial factor to increased productivity, higher levels of happiness at work and job satisfaction. Employee ownership provides the perfect vehicle to deliver a more engaged workforce as EO businesses recognise success is driven by their most important asset – their people.

For the UK to benefit fully from the Ownership dividend we are calling on the government to:

  • Invest in ownership capacity building that echoes Scotland’s successful scheme
  • Create a National Strategy for Business Ownership
  • UK regions creating trailblazing pilot projects focused on resilience and succession

Richard Marr, Chief Operating Officer of the The eaga Trust, said: With the employee-owned sector growing considerably over the past 5 years, and at a time when the economy is ready for ways to prepare for the challenges ahead, there is no better time to showcase the results of the most comprehensive study of employee ownership in the UK and look for support to truly realise the Ownership Dividend in the UK.

Employee Ownership in a post-Brexit Britain

As Britain prepares to take a new place on the World stage post-Brexit, it’s a critical time for the UK economy. Employee ownership offers a clear opportunity for UK companies to compete in global markets by delivering exceptional products and services.

Investigation of a data theft

Investigation of a data theft

Lately, we’ve seen a lot of companies performing data security infrastructure audits.  This increase has been influenced partly by the recent GDPR legislation but also in part by a lack of trust in the protection offered against insider threats by traditional security controls which typically focus on external threats.

We still have our work cut out to increase awareness of the message around the insider threat. Research indicates less than 10% of businesses feel safe from threats within their network. Also, more than 40% of UK companies surveyed felt privileged users (management, system administrators, network administrators, et al.) pose a significant threat to their data security. The times are changing – but not fast enough!

Case Study – How Zonefox protects networks from the inside

That’s why a UK-based engineering firm engaged ZoneFox – so they could gain visibility into whether or not their existing security posture was working effectively and securing their highly valuable IP.

Check out the full case study here and discover how ZoneFox was able to identify what their existing toolkit couldn’t, by providing 360 visibility into activities around their data and alerting on risky behaviours in real time.

10 Benefits of working with a Managed Service Provider

10 Benefits of working with a Managed Service Provider

Today is a historic day in the IT industry as we celebrate the very first Managed Service Provider (MSP) Day. As the modern economy relies increasingly on technology to fuel growth and productivity, it is only fitting that we celebrate the quiet, unsung heroes of the outsourced IT department.

So, without further ado here are ten benefits SMEs (in particular) can gain from partnering with a Managed Service Provider

1. Access to a large team of experts

Outsourcing your IT function to a Managed Service Provider gives you instant access to a fully trained and skilled IT department. Most MSPs have teams in place to deal with network issues, cloud computing, telephony, software, hardware, consultancy, connectivity and IT security.

2. Working with an MSP can have dramatic cost savings

As the previous point states, employing an expert in every technology discipline is unsustainable for most SMEs. Having a team of experts, you can call on when you need help or advice is a far better use of company funds.

3. High service levels and guaranteed SLAs

Most MSPs work to Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Having tight pre-agreed deadlines provides clients with peace of mind and reduces the amount of downtime when issues arise, particularly useful when critical infrastructure goes down.

4. Proactive support and maintenance

MSPs typically don’t work to the traditional break-fix model of IT support. Reputable firms will have invested in Remote Monitoring & Maintenance tools that continuously scan and resolve a large number of network issues on the fly.

5. Simplified budget and cost management

MSPs usually charge a set monthly fee for core service provision. Knowing you will receive excellent levels of service during business hours with no interruptions such as staff illness, holidays or personnel changes offers a great deal of reassurance.

6. Economies of scale

Leveraging vendor relationships to receive competitive pricing and the inside track on latest hardware and software deals is another advantage of partnering with a Managed Service Provider. Managing the IT estate for multiple client organisations enables companies like us to achieve economies of scale when purchasing equipment and services from trusted providers.

7. Strategic planning support

Managing relationships is central to a successful MSP/client partnership. Our Technical Account Managers visit clients to ensure they are informed and have a regular point of contact to provide feedback, plan projects and manage future IT strategy & budgets.

8. Better IT security

MSPs work with a wide range of trusted vendors who provide different security products and services. Network ROI, for example, partner with companies such as My1Login, ZoneFox, Mobile Guardian and Fortinet among others, to cover the varied network security needs of our clients.

9. Eliminate HR headaches

Partnering with a team of outsourced IT professionals eliminates HR issues such as annual leave, pension contributions, sick pay, cover, bonus payments and more. Let your IT provider worry about paying tax, National Insurance and everything else while you carry on regardless.

10. Focus on what you do best

When you started your business you probably didn’t take your future IT strategy into account. On the contrary, you probably stuck to the things you know to be a success. When you work with a professional Managed Services Provider, you can focus on the things you do best and let your IT provider worry about the technical issues your business may face.

Technology has become an integral part of our lives. Small organisations now have access to the kind of tools previously only available to larger enterprises, creating a much more level playing field.

There are of course many more benefits to be had working with a trusted IT partner. As a Managed Service Provider, we especially love it when a client ‘gets it’ and trust us to manage their network. So, the next time you contact your outsourced Managed IT Provider, remember that they are working to ensure your business is a success and your technology is working as it should.

Happy #MSPDay to all the hard-working and dedicated outsourced IT teams out there and as the Internet would say, “not all heroes wear capes.”

How big a risk is the Insider Threat to your organisation?

How big a risk is the Insider Threat to your organisation?

Meet Team ZoneFox at Infosec 2018 to halt the insider threat in its tracks!

With the recent release of ZoneFox 4.0, the ZoneFox Team will be out in force at Infosec 2018 to showcase our enhanced insider threat detection platform.

InfoSec 2018 is the must-attend show for any security professional. Attending this year? Then head to stand R80 to discover how ZoneFox can mitigate business risk and help you protect business-critical data 24/7.

From identifying anomalous user behaviour, alerting on incorrect access permissions to unauthorised software installs or removable device use – speak to the experts at InfoSec and find out how ZoneFox technology can bring light to the often dark areas of data security.

You can expect to see on the day:

  • Live demo showing threat hunting in action.
  • Witness the advantages and developments of ZoneFox AI
  • Discover all about their latest launch, ZoneFox V4.0, including a number of product enhancements.
  • Understand how to defend against threats, prepare for compliance, and help address the rise of the insider within your organisation.
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions about the product, and how it relates to your industry from the experts.

We know it’s a busy event, so pick a slot and we’ll be ready for you – we’ll be on stand R80. Don’t miss out –

Book your slot now.

Not registered – you still have time – you can sign up for Infosec 2018 here

Not attending but still want to see the award-winning ZoneFox Insider threat detection platform in action? Then we will come to you – book a meeting with us today.