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How to change the password on your Virgin Superhub 2

How to change the password on your Virgin Superhub 2

Virgin Media is advising 800,000 customers in the UK using the Superhub 2 router to change the default password that’s printed on the device. A Which? Investigation has found that the popular router could be hacked within a matter of days if no action is taken. The investigation targeted a real home that used the Superb 2 to connect to the Internet. The default password is relatively weak, consisting of only 8 lowercase letters from a-z.

Ethical security researchers SureCloud accessed the router using hacking tools found on the web in just a few days. They were also able to log into the router’s configuration settings since the default password is shared across all Superb 2 routers.

How to create a secure password – Read our free guide.

Your router: the gateway to your home network

If hackers successfully penetrate the home router, they can potentially access all the devices on your network, including smart devices. Smart devices are becoming increasingly popular as people seek new ways to manage their home, reduce energy consumption and secure their homes. App controlled CCTV cameras are a popular method for monitoring home security, however, they could pose a significant threat to security if they become compromised by hackers.

We recommend changing the default username and password on all smart devices prior to installation. We would also recommend updating the firmware to the latest version as soon as a new version is released. If possible, we would also recommend using some form of two-factor authentication to add an additional layer of protection to your connected devices.

Following the Which? hack, Virgin has been quick to respond and has urged Superhub 2 users to update passwords immediately. They are also offering to upgrade users to the more secure Superhub 3.0.

Don’t panic, here’s how to change your Superhub 2 password

If you have a Superhub 2, Virgin is advising you not to panic as the chances of your home network being hacked are still low.

  1. Connect your computer to the Superhub using an ethernet cable
  2. Enter the web address on the Superhub sticker to access the settings page and click on ‘Wireless Network Settings’.
  3. Enter your new password into the box marked ‘passphrase’.
  4. Restart all devices connected to the Superhub and enter the new wi-fi password to get online. You can disconnect your computer from the superhub.
If you are having difficulty changing your Superhub 2 settings, get in touch with Virgin Media by visiting superhub support page below.

Configure advanced settings on your Virgin Superhub 2 

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