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EO Day 2017

EO Day 2017

Today is Employee Ownership Day.  Employee-Owned companies throughout the UK, such as Network ROI celebrate this special day by doing something different. It’s our chance to let our hair down and celebrate being a part of a revolutionary way of doing business.

Employee-Owned companies throughout the UK such as Network ROI celebrate this special day by having a bit of fun. Dressing up, participating in fun activities, going out for a meal or perhaps all of the above!

This year, we are planning a pub quiz on a range of topics from technology to pop music, film and general knowledge. After work, we are heading out to a restaurant in Edinburgh after work for a bite to eat and some light refreshments.

We’ll be tweeting throughout the day using the hashtag #EODay, so retweet and share if you can.

If you would like to find out more about employee-Ownership visit and maybe you too can do business better together.


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